We’re your Service Partner too!

We know your business and know what downtime and loss of production means to you! That’s why you get everything from us. Not only a reliable solution but customized service too.

Remote Service

Our experts will help you within a short time – worldwide and individually for your Vistron system. Via an Internet connection, the service employee can directly hook up to your system and check the log files and settings of your device, optimize them on request or even perfrom trouble shooting activities.

Spare Parts Service

If your machine is down, time can be of essence: we ship spare parts fast, to bring your system back into operation quickly (and also provide on-site service in the unlikely event of a really difficult issue).


So that your system is always up to date and performs at its best, we provide hardware and software upgrades for the computer system, cameras and lighting used.

Maintenance Service

We can help you, getting the most out of your machine vision system, by taking good care of it: we check and update settings of your system’s parameters, clean and re-adjust camera(s) as well as the lighting units of your Vistron system and we also keep your employees up to date, providing training and sharing the most up to date information.

You decide for yourself what your individual service package looks like. We’d be happy to advise you about our service and maintenance contracts options, with flexible services and terms.