Customized Solutions

Do you have a specific idea for improvements in your production area? You want to increase efficiency, optimize your production processes and, at the same time, reduce converting costs and increase customer satisfaction? We are committed to helping you to further automate your manufacturing processes and to achieve zero-defects quality.

In the last 20 years, machine vision technology has established itself as a special field of applied computer science and today, it is impossible to imagine many automation solutions and quality assurance systems without it. The ever increasing performance of hardware components (computer, camera and lighting technology), at more favorable terms, as well as faster and more powerful algorithms, lead to the fact that machine vision technology finds its way in new areas of automation, to improve the product quality, by directly or indirectly optimizing the production processes, and to perform a 100 % quality check.

Although many application of machine vision systems are based on standard components, they are predominantly developed based on specifc customer’s requests and custom configured, since the applications are rarely the same. Our core competency is the vaste expertise in machine vision technology, allowing us to select the propper hard- and software components, and the ability to combine both into a problem-free solution that reliably automates your production and performs a 100 % quality check. Using this core competency to your company’s benefit is our daily motivation.

Short payback time, by increased productivity, cost savings on waste, customer complaints costs and quality control processes, are all features of Vistron machine vision systems and can help you achieving your goals faster.

We’d be happy to hear from you and to discuss the possibilities of our technology to improve the productivity of your processes and the quality of your products. Contact us for an appointment, at no obligation. We’ll visit you and conduct a preliminary study of your requirements, in order to check the feasibility and profitability of an individual solution, using Vistron machine vision technology.

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