About us

Vistron GmbH is a globally operating company, based in Göttingen, Germany and with a subsidiary near Tarragona, Spain, specialized in the development, manufacture, distribution and service of industrial machine vision systems for the control and optimization of manufacturing processes.

The system solutions of Vistron GmbH are currently successfully being used on five continents and provide customers with safe and reliable automation as well as with a permanent 100 % quality control in production.

The range of services offered include, in addition to the conception and the implementation of the vision system solutions according to requirements and on time, also their documentation as well as training and the implementation of service measures.

Due to their high processing power, Vistron’s machine vision systems are used especially in fast mass production. Areas of application include e.g. completeness checks, surface inspection, product or parts identification, dimensional and position checks, print inspection, identification of marks, robotic vision and statistical process control.

Vistron machine vision systems are industry independent and can be used in a variety of industries, e.g. automotive, printing and packaging, food, pharmaceuticals, plastics and metal processing, furniture and by OEM manufacturers.